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Are you buying a new home? If so, you may have forgotten to ask some important questions about the air conditioner.  Be sure to follow up on these issues so you don’t end up inheriting a problematic or faulty system.

How old is the system?

Newer systems are more efficient than older models. The newer the system, the better.

What is the system’s SEER rating?

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating indicates how efficient a system is. A SEER of over 16 indicates a high efficiency system. The lower the rating, the more cost will be associated with operation.

Is the system properly sized and insulated?

Is the system properly sized in relation to the square footage of the house? The ductwork should be properly insulated to help keep the heat from coming in from the outside. If you have any questions or issues, Service Tech can help.

What kind of system is it?

Is it a heat pump? Heat pumps can provide savings year-round. Is it a split system? These can also provide savings.