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We’re in the thick of the hot Alabama summer. Your air conditioner unit is probably running full blast and your power bill is more than likely at its high point of the year. You might be thinking of ways to save on your bill and improve cooling efficiency in your house.

Maintenance of your AC unit is of course of utmost importance, as is making sure your air filters are swapped out as needed.

Have you thought about your attic access stairs? This is something that you may have missed when formulating your summer cooling maintenance checklist.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy:

In many homes, poorly insulated and leaky attic access stairs provide an opportunity to improve comfort and save energy and money. You can air seal and insulate the attic stairs opening by building your own insulated cover box or purchasing a kit or pre-built box. Treat the attic stairs access as you would an opening to the outdoors. Regardless of the type of insulation you use for your attic access, it is important to thoroughly air seal the opening.”

If you’re handy (or if someone in your household is), head to the U.S. Departmen of Energy’s website for a shopping list and step-by-step guide to creating your own attic stairs cover box:

You can also find more do-it-yourself projects here:

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