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Home Automation has been a big topic with homeowners lately.

The demands of life pull us away from our homes, but through home automation, we can stay connected more than ever now.  This is a service that we offer at Service Tech through our partnership with Trane and Nexia. We can make your home safer, more efficient, and connect you to it no matter where you are in the world.

Since 2008, Nexia has made it easy to be in the know and in control of your home – even when you’re constantly on the go. An all-in-one app that connects your smart devices through Z-Wave technology, Nexia streamlines the way you manage your day. By performing everyday tasks like automatically locking the front door on your way out or turning on the lights before you come home, Nexia empowers you to lead an active life without worrying about what’s happening at home. It’s almost like being in two places at once.

Because of Nexia’s simple installation process and huge selection of compatible products, you can integrate multiple products at once or expand your system gradually…whatever works best for you.

It all starts with installing a Trane thermostat, which is the brains of the system.  Once this is done, you can choose to add items such as Schlage door locks, in wall light switches, cameras, security sensors, garage door openers, and the list goes on and on.

Nexia is a wireless platform so it is non-invasive to the structure of your home.  It is also only a $9.99 a month subscription and you can add over 200 z-wave devices in your home.  If you choose to only have control of your thermostat and maybe a lamp, the service is free.

We’re often asked about the security of your home and information.  Nexia is dedicated to making your life easier – and that includes reducing your fears about system vulnerabilities. For that reason, we follow industry best practices to protect the security of your data. Nexia also guarantees that we will never sell or compromise your personal information.  This is not the case with other home automation products.

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