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Modern home heating options are not just for those who are contemplating new construction. If you have an old energy-eating clunker that needs frequent repair, you should consider replacing that unit with a modern and more efficient heating appliance.

Dollars Out There

First, you need to realize that is money to be had in the form of rebates, incentives and tax credits. Federal, state and even local governments have programs in place that can provide you with significant savings in your quest for heating efficiency. Check out the Energy Star information available—just Google it—and also be sure to check with your local utility for savings and rebate program availability.

Switch to What?

While there are definitely many heating methods available, let’s concentrate on the most popular. Please note that all of these systems are manufactured with a wide range of energy efficient attributes. Since a 90 percent efficient heating system is costlier than an 80 percent efficient unit, the more you spend, the more money you will save.

Gas Furnace

The old reliable forced air gas furnace is still a great way to heat your home. If you remember that giant octopus-like furnace that lived in the basement of your parents’ or grandparents’ homes, you’ll be surprised to see the sleekness of the new modern and efficient units. They take up less space, use less energy and are easy to configure for whole house heating comfort.

No Gas?

If your subdivision or area does not have natural gas service, you can purchase a propane-fired model. You’ll retain all of the energy savings of a natural gas furnace. The only caveat here is that you will need a propane tank that will need to be regularly replenished by a propane supplier.

Heat Pump

In Alabama, most of us have central air units to help us make it through the hot and humid summers. Savvy heating consumers know that their AC can also heat their homes if the unit is configured to act as a heat pump. If your AC unit is close to ten years old, if it has needed frequent repairs and if your energy bills are high, you should seriously consider the switch to a heat pump system. In this scenario, when you need heat, your AC simply runs in reverse and brings warm air in as it sends the cool air out.

With all of the heating choices out there and with the many rebate energy tax credit programs available, it is a great idea to stop in and see your reputable AC repair contractor. Many have new models on display and you can make the transition to worry-free heating very quickly and cost-effectively.