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How Does A Heat Pump Work?

Those from colder parts of the country may not really understand the concept of heat pumps. They may not be used to the concept of electric heat and the idea of something called a heat pump may be quite foreign to them. In addition, the idea that an air conditioning unit can somehow be reversed and produce heat might be quite confusing.  Do you understand how a Heat Pump works?, and Should You Repair a Heater Problem?

The Easy Ones

One thing that you may be able to fix is a faulty thermostat. While the newer electronic thermostats do not fail frequently, this can happen. You can purchase new ones at your big box home retailer or even a smaller hardware store. Good installation instructions are always included and if you are careful to notice exactly how you remove the old one, it shouldn’t be that hard to replace it with a new one. You should be cautioned that the replacement of one of those rounder and older thermostats that were common in homes during the 60s, 70s and beyond with a newer electronic thermostat may be more complicated and for this job, you probably need to call a good HVAC service tech.

Tripped Breaker

While you may feel like a successful electrician if you diagnose a no-heat problem as a tripped circuit breaker or blown cartridge fuse, you have to realize that breakers and fuses trip for a reason. Whatever caused the breaker to trip will probably reoccur and the process of tracing that kind of problem is oftentimes better left to professionals.

Freon Leak

It’s one thing to find a Freon leak. Sometimes you can even find the loose connection or hole in the copper pipe where the gas is leaking. You may also be skilled enough to tighten the connection or even spot-solder a small hole. Re-charging the system is a different story however, and for this task, you really need to call your qualified HVAC tech.

Bad Blower Fan

Even if you think you know how to handle motor replacement, a bad blower fan motor should only be replaced by a professional. All belts and pulleys must be properly aligned or you can cause a good motor to burn out quickly because of balance issues. Again, call your tech for this one.

HVAC systems are complicated these days and even though you can answer the question. “How does a heat pump work?” and you’re a good handyman or woman, leave the complicated stuff to your trusted heating and cooling tech.