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Doors and windows

Help keep the cold out by touching up on your caulking and weatherstripping. Locking windows and doors can also tighten things up a bit more. Windows and sliding doors can also be covered with transparent plastic film to help retain heat in the home.

Attic door

Speaking of doors, attic doors can be insulated on the attic side. You can also buy (or even create) attic door covers.


Keeping up regular maintenance of your systems is very important year-round. Service Tech is ready to assist you in making your home systems as efficient as possible to keep your heating (and cooling) costs as manageable as possible.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help keep your costs down by allowing you to regulate the thermostat automatically. Contact Service Tech today to learn more about that latest models.

Portable Heaters

If your family tends to congregate in certain areas, you may want to consider using portable heaters in those areas while turning down house-wide heat.

Free Heat

The sun is a source of free heat. Make the most of it! Keep the curtains open when/where appropriate to let the sunlight in. At night, close all curtains to help keep the heat in and the cold out.


Even when a flue is closed, there still may be some leakage of your precious indoor warmth out the chimney. You can purchase a chimney balloon to help keep this sealed.

Electrical Outlets and Pipe Entries

For Electrical outlets, you can purchase foam covers to help keep the heat in and the cool out (or vice versa during summer months). For pipe entries, you can use an expanding foam sealant. This is easy to use and apply; smooth it with your fingers if you want it flush, or you can just leave as is. For water pipes under the sink, unscrew the escutcheon ring, seal around the pipe, then put the ring back and tighten screws.


Heated (and cool) air loss can also be attributed to leaky ductwork. Be sure to have these checked to make sure you’re heating or cooling efficiently. Service Tech will be glad to check your ductwork.


Be sure to keep furniture and other obstructions away from registers to maximize airflow.