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Check out these tips on improving your home cooling efficiency.

  1. Check your air filters at least once a month and replace when needed. Dirty air filters will impede air flow, forcing your system to work even hard during the hot Birmingham summer months.
  2. Keep your blinds shut during the day to block out the sun.
  3. Try using your ceiling fans. Be sure to turn them off when you leave a room.
  4. Turn on your bathroom fan when you take a shower.
  5. Cut down on oven usage if you can help it.
  6. Use a dehumidifier. This can help reduce the indoor humidity.
  7. Does your home lack proper insulation? Be sure to check, especially in older homes.
  8. Does your home need air sealing? Don’t let the hot air in and the cool air out!
  9. Have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner. Ask about Service Tech’s maintenance program and our preferred customer club.
  10. Turn up the thermostat to about 78 degrees when you’ll be away from the house for a while. You can also install a programmable thermostat – ask the experts at Service Tech for details!