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Ways to Cut Heating Costs

Now that the first couple of cold fronts have reached Alabama, your thoughts will shift from cooling issues to heating concerns. Obviously an overriding concern will be how to cut heating costs, and there are some great ways that you can save heating dollars by proactively planning now for the winter season.

Change Those Filters

Your AC works much more efficiently if you change your filters often and your heating system is no different. Dirty filters mean less air flow and this causes your furnace or heat pump to work harder and that of course translates into higher heating bills.

Turn It Down

If you keep your thermostat turned down to 68 degrees in the winter you can save money, In fact, a Department of Energy website suggests that for every degree you lower your thermostat, you can save 3 percent. Therefore, if you commonly kept your thermostat at 72 degrees, and you can now live with 67, you will save 15 percent off your next energy bill. 15 percent saved on a $300 electric bill is $45 per month or almost $500 per year.


That old octopus in the basement may run like a charm, but in it’s probably shooting over 50 percent of its heat up your chimney. Check out the newer efficient furnaces that are available and you will be able to recover your cost is a few short years. Furthermore, there are many rebates, tax credits and incentives available for those who wish to install energy-efficient appliances. Your heating contractor can help guide you through this process.

Pay Attention to Other Power Drains

If you use a modern heat pump, you are heating your home electrically. While heat pumps are great ways to solve your heating needs, they will obviously contribute to your heating bill. If you watch other appliances for high energy usage–turn off unneeded lights and turn down the water heater temperature–you can save on your energy bill.

Seal Those Leaks

In the winter, you want to keep warm air in your home. Bad weather-stripping, broken caulking and cracked windows can let in lots of cold air that your furnace must overcome to heat your home. If you are diligent in searching for these problems and subsequently repairing them, you can save significant dollars.

Every fall it’s a great idea to have an energy audit completed by your reputable heating contractor. A few dollars spent before the season begins can save lots of energy costs in January.

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