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5 Signs You Need A New Unit For Summer

Published: July 10, 2021

In the Alabama heat the last thing that you need is an air conditioning unit that is not working. It is your job to keep your house cool for your family and friends. Be sure to follow these practical steps to see if you need a new unit.

Your Unit Is Over 12 Years Old

If your unit is struggling and is over 12 years old there is not a whole lot you can do to fix it at this point. You can constantly have people coming to repair it but in the long run this will be more expensive than just buying a new unit. Over the last 10 years there have been so many new upgrades in the air conditioning units that will also benefit you. So if your unit is over 10 years old you need to consider a new unit.

Constant Repairs Needed

If you are constantly having repairs on your current unit this is just like throwing money down a drain. It is time for you to get a whole new unit that will be saving you money. You will be able to get a more efficient unit and have very few repairs needed. This unit will also last you for  many years with little maintenance required. A new unit will be energy efficient and give you the coldest air in the shortest amount of time.

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Your Home Just Isn’t Cool

Over time units are just unable to continue working the way they did in the past. You will notice that your thermostat is set on 68 but it feels 75 in your home. This is a sign that your unit is not working properly and cannot keep your home cool any longer. Your unit will shortly go out and need constant maintenance so save yourself the trouble and money by going ahead and getting a new unit put in.

Your Unit Still Uses Freon

If your unit is still using Freon this is a sign that you are in need of a new unit. Freon has been phased out and there are currently no more freon units being installed. Freon is now prohibited in the United States which will make it more expensive to keep up if something happens to it. Your new unit will most likely use Puron which is more eco friendly and safer for your home.

Current Unit Is Not Well Maintained

If your current unit is not well maintained you are going to have many problems in the future when you need a cool house. You need to make sure you change your filters on your current units. Keeping the outdoor unit free of any debris or plants growing in and around it. As well as having tune ups before they are needed.

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