Residential Cooling/Air Conditioning Services

As temperature rises during the hot summer months, problems with your air conditioning unit can result. If you want to have a cool, comfortable summer with a properly functioning unit call Service Tech, Inc. Whether you need air conditioner maintenance, emergency repairs, or scheduled installations our expert technicians are dedicated to keeping homes comfortable and cool in Birmingham. Our trained and experienced technicians can handle a wide range of residential and commercial air condition services. For skilled repair in Birmingham, Al contact Service Tech, Inc. and we’ll have your home perfectly cool in no time.

If you don’t have a pool to stay cool then call Service Tech, Inc. to make sure your unit is working properly.

Call our Birmingham cooling techs today at (205) 488-4714 to schedule your estimate. We’re available 24/7 for emergency service, so call us anytime!

Service Tech Keeps Communities Cool — One Home at a Time

As Birmingham heat and humid air can sometimes be too unforgiving, Service Tech continues to uphold its three-decade tradition of keeping communities cool by delivering dependable HVAC services.

Whether you are planning to equip your home with a new air conditioning unit or repairing clogged ducts, the company’s top-rated technicians are here to help.

Affordable HVAC Services for your Abode

As a family-owned and operated business, Service Tech knows how essential it is to have a residential space that’s comfortable to live in. One way of keeping your abode a wonderful place is to have an air conditioning unit that is in good working condition. Here are the residential HVAC solutions we provide at affordable rates:

Consultation. Our HVAC experts will help you choose which system best fits your home, household lifestyle, and budget.

Installation. If you are planning to install a new air conditioner, our experts are available 24/7 to assist you. Service Tech workers are duly trained to comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing a new HVAC system in a residential property.

Repair. From diagnosis to the actual repair, our array of experts in Birmingham can render prompt services to air conditioners from all major manufacturers.

Maintenance. Service Tech offers maintenance agreements that allow customers to tap our expertise in improving the efficiency and prolonging the life of your HVAC system.

Types of Residential HVAC Systems We Cater

Each house is equipped with different types of HVAC systems. At Service Tech, we pride ourselves in our experience spanning three decades providing unparalleled air conditioning solutions — whether what you have is a split system, its hybrid counterpart, or a packaged HVAC system.

Packaged. Perfect for compact homes, this system — popularly used in Birmingham — intricately puts the air conditioner, heat pump, and evaporator and fan coils in one easy-to-install unit.

Split System. As its name implies, this commonly installed HVAC system has two components — one located inside the house and another outside — that work hand in hand to carry cool air throughout your home.

Hybrid Heat Split System. A modern spin to the classic split system, this energy-efficient equipment uses a heat pump to allow electricity to fuel the system and cool (or heat) the refrigerant.

In need of expert and prompt HVAC services for your home? Beat the Birmingham heat and entrust your air conditioning concerns to the hands of kit experts. Get in touch with us at Service Tech by calling 205-488-4714 or sending us an email at