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The IQAir® Perfect 16 Whole-House Air Purifier

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Service Tech is your Birmingham, Alabama HVAC company. We’ve been family owned and operated for over 33 years, so we know the importance of family. And if family is as important to you as it is to us, you’re always looking to safeguard your family’s health. What could be more essential to health than the quality of the air your family breathes? 

As leaders for Birmingham Alabama HVAC, we want to set an example in bringing the best possible air quality to families like ours. That’s why we partnered with IQAir® to bring you the world’s leading whole-house air purification technologies. IQAir® dealer, Service Tech provides medical-grade air purification for your home. Service Tech is Alabama’s ONLY IQAir® licensed dealer and installer. 

The Swiss-engineered IQAir® Perfect 16 outperforms the competition in every industry metric. It is the #1 Rated Whole-House Air Purification System. Trust Service Tech to ensure peak air quality in your home for years to come. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is taken care of. 

IQAir® Perfect 16 Air Purification System — #1 Rated Whole-House Air Purifier

Features: The IQAir® Perfect 16 Difference

Unrivaled Air Purity Through Ultra-fine Filtration

Ultrafine particles (less than 0.1 microns) are linked to heart attacks, stroke, asthma attacks, and even cancer. The IQAir® Perfect 16 boasts a  filtration system capable of trapping ultrafine particles as small as .003 microns. That means particles as small as bacteria and viruses are eliminated by the IQAir® Perfect 16.

The secret lies in its Advanced Micro-Fiber Filtration (AMF) technology, a fiber network 10x thinner than standard air filters. It creates an impenetrable barrier for airborne particles.

Ultra-Low Resistance Doesn’t Impede Airflow

While traditional whole-house air filtration systems reduce ventilated air flow, the IQAir Perfect 16 is engineered to boost efficiency while it offers unparalleled filtration.

Ultra-Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

The IQAir® Perfect 16 offers the world’s best air quality while using absolutely zero additional energy. Switching from a conventional, burdensome filtration system to the ultra-low resistance IQAir® Perfect 16 will reduce energy consumption and save you money over time.

MERV 16 Rated

The IQAir® Perfect 16 is the only whole-house air filtration system on the market to receive the highest rating possible in SEMKO reports – a perfect MERV 16

Receiving this score after extensive independent trials means the IQAir® Perfect 16 is proven to clean the air with a minimum efficiency of 95% for particles 0.3 microns or larger, and more than 85% for ultrafine particles that are as small as .003 microns – the smallest particles that exist.

The IQAir® Perfect 16 is the pinnacle of whole-house air purification.

Allergy Relief System

Birmingham has been growing for decades, and so has the air pollution inside our homes. Local residents are installing air purifiers to remove allergens and other contaminants that cause sick building syndrome. However, local residents should note that not all air purifiers perform the same. When it comes to investing in the health and well-being of your family, a quality solution matters. The IQAir Perfect Air Purifier is the #1 rated whole-house air cleaner which sets a new industry standard for certifying performance.

Completely Silent

Installed directly into your existing HVAC system, the IQAir® Perfect 16 is entirely noiseless in its operation. It doesn’t require any motors or fans to provide the cleanest possible air to your family. No noise, just the cleanest air you’ve ever experienced.

Longer Filter Life

With the most advanced filter-pleating pattern yet designed for residential air purification systems, the IQAir® Perfect 16 has a particulate load capacity 13% higher than conventional products. 

Most whole-house air cleaning systems and furnace filters require monthly changing and many even require weekly cleaning. The Perfect 16 takes the worry and hassle out of frequent filter changes and servicing.

The Perfect 16’s extra large filter service area is so efficient and long-lasting that you won’t need service or replacements for up to three full years.*

*With average usage, your filters will last approximately 3 years based on 50% HVAC usage

How It Works

The IQAir® Perfect 16 accomplishes world-leading performance through some key engineering innovations. Like most whole-house air filtration systems, the IQAir® Perfect 16 is installed into your existing HVAC system. Once it’s integrated, it will immediately begin purifying your home’s air with up to 50 times the filtration power of a conventional home filtration system.

The IQAir® Perfect 16 achieves this level of performance with its novel Micro-fiber Filtration Technology. These microfibers allow for maximal air penetration while blocking virtually all harmful particles. While this micro-fiber mesh is impressive alone, it’s combined with a unique “Double V” filter configuration that means airflow must pass through an incredible 170 square feet of filter media before it circulates back into your home. 

A combination of innovative fiber mesh technology and clever surface area maximization makes the IQAir® Perfect 16 the undisputed leader of whole-house air purification solutions.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Family’s Health

Service Tech wants the best for your family’s health. As Alabama’s ONLY IQAir® licensed dealer and installer, we’re proudly providing air purification products from the American Lung Association’s exclusive partner for indoor air quality. 

The link between indoor air pollution and common health problems is well established by  research and confirmed by the EPA. Health problems can develop from or be exacerbated by poor air quality inside your home. These include: 

  • Irritation of sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, and throat. 
  • Headaches, fatigue, and brain fog. 
  • Respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and cancer. 

These are serious threats to your family’s health, and that’s not all. Many people live with some degree of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or MCS. These people are at increased risk for serious irritation from common household chemicals that can linger in the air long after use. The IQAir® Perfect 16 stands alone in significantly reducing irritant chemical concentrations from circulation.

Most conventional air filtration systems are simply not designed to remove a meaningful amount of airborne droplets.

Desired Allergy Purifiers – 100% Ozone-Free Technology

All IQAir® air purifiers are 100% ozone-free. They are certified by the IAACM (International Association of Air Cleaner Manufacturers) to produce absolutely no ozone. Ozone is a lung irritant emitted from ionic and electronic air cleaners. Even small amounts of ozone are undesirable for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Celebrate Your Freedom from Allergens

Birmingham has been growing for decades, and so has the air pollution inside our homes. Local residents are installing air purifiers to remove allergens and other contaminants that cause sick building syndrome. However, local residents should note that not all air purifiers perform the same. When it comes to investing in the health and well-being of your family, a quality solution matters. Transform your home into a virtually allergen-free zone with the most effective, whole-house air cleaning system. 

No other air purification system can remove bacteria, pet allergens, mold spores, dust, pollen, and other contaminants better than our Perfect 16. Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma or just want better health, breathe the cleanest air possible with a Perfect 16!

IQAir® Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifier

An Air Purifier like the Perfect 16 doesn’t just filter air, it captures and kills airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. IQAir® is a world leader in clean air technology. Their filtration is proven and certified to filter ultrafine particles while delivering medical-grade air. The IQAir® Perfect 16 removes 95% of all particles ≥ 0.3 microns in diameter and we verify performance after installation.

Service Tech is an Authorized IQAir® Dealer and Certified Installer for the Perfect 16. Let our experts show you how to deliver cleaner air to you and your family.

IQ Air® Perfect 16 Performance
IQ Air® Perfect 16 Features
IQ Air® Perfect 16 Technical Specifications


IQAir® air purifiers receive the highest reviews and ratings in the industry. IQAir® air purification systems assist people in living longer, healthier lives by providing the very best air quality in the world. IQAir’s® professional air purifiers were designed to meet the rigorous standards of hospitals and cleanrooms throughout the world and are also available for residential use. Visit the IQAir® website

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