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Duct Cleaning

Service Tech Inc., in Birmingham, AL, has the tools to keep your indoor air quality at its best. Many homeowners do not realize that a clean duct is crucial to the safety, health, and efficiency of a home. EPA studies show that indoor air quality can be up to 2-5x times MORE polluted than the air outside. Over time, your air conditioning ducts get clogged with dirt, dust, mold, debris, allergens, and more.
These irritating particles can be blown inside of your home through your air ducts when you are running your heating or cooling system. This can make allergies worse, cause illness, increase energy costs, and contaminate your home. We have the HVAC expert knowledge, experience, technology, and equipment needed to keep your home safe and healthy. Call 205-488-4714 for more information.

HVAC System Cleaning

When you hire an HVAC company to clean your air ducts, it is very important to realize that many heating and cooling businesses will limit ventilation cleaning systems to the ducts. At Service Tech Inc., we clean your full HVAC ventilation system, including the air conditioning unit, blower, evaporator, coil, and other accessible components. On top of this, we will clean your air ducts for a fully cleaned home air system.


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Why Choose Service Tech, Inc. for Home Air Duct Cleaning?

As a leading HVAC company in Birmingham, we have experienced technicians who are not only experienced in duct cleaning, but also the removal and replacement of existing ductwork whenever it’s necessary. 

We know how your air duct should perform and can identify when there are issues inside your system like water condensation, which can lead to mold and allergies. Having contaminants in your air duct can affect the health of everyone in your house and the restricted air flow can even have an effect on your home utility bills.

But with a professional cleaning from Service Tech, Inc. you may notice improved airflow from your registers and other benefits like reduced allergy and asthma symptoms. 

If you have pets in your home, you probably have to change out your air filter a lot. Even if you’re replacing it as often as recommended though, pet dander can build up in your air duct system and add to the irritants you may be breathing in from your indoor environment.

If you’re concerned with bacteria, pollen, dander or mold growth in your central HVAC system, we can even go a step beyond cleaning by installing additional measures such as an Ultraviolet Air Purification system that sit inside your air duct where it works to reduce pollutants throughout your air duct system.

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