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5 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Published: July 14, 2020

When summer rolls around, it seems that your electricity bills always increase due to the added work of keeping your home cool in this muggy Alabama weather we all know and love.

Save Money on Air Conditioning 

There are ways that you can reduce your electricity bill and save money on air conditioning this year, so keep on reading for some money-saving tips by Service Tech, Inc.

Tip # 1- Use your ceiling fans

Many times you can reduce the amount you use your air conditioner simply by using ceiling fans. Don’t turn your ceiling fan on first thing in the morning. Wait until you begin to feel a little warm, and then turn it on. You will be surprised how much cooler a ceiling fan can make you feel. You will also want to make sure the ceiling fan is spinning the correct way.

Your fan should be blowing the air down around you and not pulling the air up. There is generally a switch on the fan that changes the rotation of the fan. To have the fan blow the air down, you will want the fan to be turning counter-clockwise. When you are standing directly under the fan, you should be able to feel the air blowing on you.

Tip # 2- Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to save money on air conditioning. There are a variety of programmable thermostats available. The amount of money you spend will often determine how many different programming functions are on the system. Some of them have different weekday and weekend settings. You will never have to worry about forgetting to turn the thermostat up before you leave for work again.

However, a modern AC system thermostat requires a good bit of electrical knowledge to install. The control wires have precise functions, and if you connect your thermostat improperly, there is a good chance you can cause damage to your central air conditioning system. Fortunately, a trained heating and air technician will typically handle this sort of installation for you at an affordable price. For smart thermostat installations in Birmingham and surrounding areas, call Service Tech, Inc.

Tip # 3- Turn it up a few degrees

Just by turning up your thermostat a few degrees, you can save a lot of energy. If you begin to feel warm, just step outside for a few minutes, and when you go back inside, your house will surely feel cool. In Alabama, humidity is often a bigger cause of discomfort indoors during the summertime. If your unit’s not properly sized, it can shut off sooner than it otherwise should. This limits the amount of humidity it can remove from the indoor air each cycle and may even lead to indoor air quality issues or mold if the problem is severe enough.

Adding a portable dehumidifier is a smart way to reduce your indoor humidity levels in Alabama during the summertime. Even if your unit is properly sized to cycle long enough, you’ll notice that it’s much less uncomfortable at 76-78 degrees than it otherwise would be without the extra help removing moisture from the air.

Tip # 4- Clean Your Filter

Be sure to change your filter regularly. If you use a programmable thermostat, it might even have a function that tells you when to replace your air filter, which is convenient. Having a dirty filter causes your air conditioner to have to work harder to keep your house cool. In general, we can’t stress the importance of regular AC system maintenance enough when it comes to keeping your electricity bills under control.

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Tip # 5- Close registers 

If there is a room that you do not go into often, you should close the register for that room and shut the door. This will divert airflow to the rooms you’re actually occupying, which might allow more time between system cycles at your desired temperature setting.

There is no sense in cooling a room that you do not use, such as a guest room. Just remember to open the register before you have guests coming over. Also, avoid doing this to more than one or two rooms at the same time, Blocking off too much airflow can cause excess strain on your unit’s compressor, and that’s a very costly repair bill you’d rather avoid for as long as possible.

Next Steps to cost savings:

These are five great tips to save money on air conditioning that you can surely do. If you still suspect that your central air conditioning unit is costing you more than it should, though, it may be time to seek professional help. There may be issues that are unapparent to the untrained eye causing your energy bill to go up. A trained HVAC technician can do the math and run airflow calculations to see if your issue may be resolved by something as simple as adding another register or return vent.

Don’t let something as simple as dirty coils or an air filter in need of replacement cost you money every month!

For the next steps or to schedule a complete duct cleaning and AC system tune-up, give us a call today.

If your unit’s struggling to keep up with the summertime heat here in Alabama, give Service Tech, Inc. a call today. We’re celebrating over 30 years of serving Birmingham and surrounding areas.

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