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Does Your HVAC Unit Need a Check Up?

Published: December 7, 2020

When the seasons begin changing and the August heat— very slowly— turns chilly, you adjust, pulling on your warm sweater and boots and cranking up the heat in your home. But do you ever think about how your HVAC system is adjusting to these weather changes? Or if it’s ready to heat and cool your home during the extreme temperatures we experience during a typical year here in the South?

No one likes a surprise heating or cooling system outage. Take it from me, the person whose air conditioner died in the middle of an Alabama August and couldn’t find an available repairman for a week and a half— not only is living in a giant sauna nowhere near as relaxing as it sounds, it’s also crazy expensive to repair.

An unexpected HVAC repair can cost anywhere from $50-$150 per hour of maintenance. That’s why many HVAC companies, like Service Tech, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning in Birmingham, Alabama, suggest that their clients purchase extended service contracts. These contracts typically cover regular maintenance, water heater installations, duct cleaning and more. But are they really worth it? We broke it down and laid out the facts so you don’t have to.

How Often Should You Get Your HVAC Unit Checked Out?

Most HVAC manufacturers recommend that homeowners get their heating and cooling units checked once a year, but they also suggest that the two should be checked at separate times of the year. That means that you’re looking at either your heating or cooling unit getting a checkup every six months— you and your HVAC man/woman are going to become great friends.

You might be thinking, “If everything seems to be working alright, why would I need to get it checked out so often?” Fair question! Well, according to the experts at Service Tech, getting regular maintenance check ups will prevent more expensive problems from arising down the road and can keep your heating and air units in commission a lot longer, saving you the time, money, and frustration of an unexpected central unit replacement— which, on average, costs anywhere from $3,812-$7,473 according to 2020 data provided by Home Advisor.

How Much Will You Save in Alabama?

Seeing as most HVAC businesses give clients individual quotes, I can’t give any exact numbers on what a maintenance plan will cost, but there are estimates. According to Home Advisor, in 2020, extended service contracts ran anywhere from $150-$500 depending on where residents lived. While that might sound a bit steep, don’t forget that hourly rates for unexpected repairs run around $50-$150 per hour, and then what if the entire central unit has to be replaced, remember those numbers?

Extended service contracts cover the cost of regular maintenance for both the heating and cooling systems in your home. Do you really want to gamble possibly paying nearly $7,500 in the future when you could have paid only $150-$500 now?

HVAC installation, maintenance, etc. can be expensive, and Service Tech in Birmingham knows this, that’s why they work with customers through their financing program. Call or email Service Tech to get estimates and more information on applying for financing— they’re available 24/7!

Who You Gonna Call in Alabama?

Ghostbusters! Just kidding, it’s Service Tech. If you’re in the Birmingham area, Service Tech is the HVAC business providing the most bang for your buck! With glowing reviews, financing options and clients from Helena to Trussville and almost everywhere in between, these guys will make sure you never have to spend a week and a half of your summer boiling like a human noodle in your own home— like me.

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