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Furnace Maintenance During COVID-19

Published: December 14, 2021

From wearing masks in public, to sanitizing your hands and avoiding large gatherings, you do a lot each day to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. With all of your newly established cleaning rituals in place, have you considered the cleanliness of your furnace as an extra layer of protection? Due to it’s heavy use during the upcoming winter months, the health of your furnace is essential to the health of those in your household.

Your furnace does more than keep you warm in the winter. A clean furnace supplies quality air throughout your home and keeps your household healthy and allergy-free. As the CDC suggests, “Routine HVAC maintenance is recommended. Although it is never the first line of prevention, consider general ventilation adjustments in your workplace, such as increasing ventilation and increasing the amount of outdoor air used by the system.” Below are some steps you can take to protect the health of those in your household during the coronavirus pandemic.

Replace Your Air Filter Birmingham, AL

You should be replacing your air filter no less than every two to three months. During allergy season, many households choose a special, stronger MERV-13 or higher rated air filter to eliminate common allergens that may effect the health of their household. Those without allergies should still consider replacing your filter more frequently during the pandemic. Since the coronavirus is an airborne virus, a clean filter may work better in trapping coronavirus particles before they spread throughout your home. Plus, a clean air filter keeps your HVAC running smoothly throughout the year.

Have Your HVAC Professional Cleaned in Birmingham

Your furnace works overtime during the colder winter months. If you haven’t had your HVAC cleaned in recent memory, an excess of dust and dander could be settled in the ducts and on the coils, forcing your furnace to work extra hard to heat your home. If you furnace is dirty, all of the settlement can be distributed throughout your home. A dirty furnace can cause poor indoor air quality, which may lead to irritation and inflammation in your lungs. The particles in the air may contain common allergens or even the coronavirus. Professional cleaning of your HVAC system will ensure your furnace is ready to take on the heat without spreading allergens throughout your home.

Introduce an Air Purification System from Service Tech

Though a clean furnace and fresh air filter alone cannot prevent the spread of the coronavirus, they can vastly improve the health of your household when paired with other air purification systems. You may consider purchasing a portable air cleaner with an HEPA filter to freshen the air in your home. These systems can purify the air in a room and reduce the risk of airborne transmission. Air purifiers work to remove indoor air pollution from cooking, car emissions, dust, pollen, pet dander and more.

Improve Air Circulation with Service Tech

Another way to increase the quality of the air inside your home is it improve air circulation. When possible, crack your windows to allow fresh air into the house. Open doors, hallways, and operate a bathroom fan even when not in use. You can even set your thermostat to constantly circulate air for improved air flow.

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