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How Do HVAC Service Contracts Work?

Published: January 6, 2023

More than likely, you have routine maintenance done on your vehicle. And you probably visit the doctor at least once a year to have blood work done and ensure you’re healthy. You should consider doing the same with your HVAC system by getting an HVAC service contract through your HVAC contractor or service provider. Keep reading if you’re interested in getting a contract through your local residential HVAC service Birmingham provider. 

How Do HVAC Service Contracts Work?

An HVAC service contract is an agreement between the HVAC service provider and the customer. The customer pays a set fee, usually annually or biannually, and the HVAC service provider will provide routine maintenance and check-ups, discounts on repairs, and more. Many people forget to schedule seasonal checkups for their HVAC systems, and having a service contract can help prevent that from happening. 

An HVAC service contract is usually initiated when someone has a new HVAC system installed in their home or business. However, if you opt out, you can usually still get one later from your HVAC service provider. 

What to Look for in an HVAC Service Contract

The price of an HVAC service contract and the services performed will usually vary by provider. However, the annual cost for most HVAC service contracts is generally between $75 and $200. HVAC service contracts usually include: 

  • Seasonal HVAC maintenance (checking and servicing the heater in the winter and the air conditioner in the summer)
  • Checkups and tune-ups
  • Emergency services
  • Discounts (some HVAC providers waive their hourly labor cost for customers who have a service contract)
  • Parts are sometimes covered under a service contract. Most providers usually just include minor parts but will still provide a discount on significant parts to contract holders

Before signing an HVAC service contract, be sure the contract mentions the following: 

  • All items and parts covered by the contract
  • What tasks will be done on a service visit
  • How often service visits will be scheduled
  • What is not included in the contract
  • When the contract will renew

If an HVAC service contract seems too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid contracts that are only one page, contain a lot of legal languages, or are unbelievably cheap. 

Pros of Having an HVAC Service Contract

There are plenty of benefits to getting an HVAC service contract. These include:

  • Your system is less likely to break down. Around 85 percent of people who have routine maintenance performed on their HVAC systems rarely have severe problems with their systems. 
  • HVAC systems that are serviced regularly generally have longer lifespans and are more energy efficient
  • You don’t have to worry about scheduling seasonal maintenance or other checkups. Since they’re included in an HVAC service contract, they’ll likely be prescheduled. 
  • If you need any repairs, you won’t pay as much since you have a service contract

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