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How Long Should It Take to Heat My Home? 

Published: June 6, 2022

Winter months can be brutal, with cold air that can cut straight to the bone. After a frigid day out, there’s nothing better than getting into your warm home and curling up with some hot chocolate. However, an old or poorly maintained furnace can ruin that little piece of winter nirvana. When maintenance is needed, contact Service Tech for HVAC Repairs in Birmingham

How Long Should It Take to Heat My Home? 

If your furnace is functioning correctly, it should kick on within 5 minutes after adjusting your thermostat. Some people with older furnaces have reported it taking up to an hour for theirs to turn on. Even a shorter time, like 15 minutes, is too long and can indicate a problem that needs to be inspected. When a furnace takes longer than 5 minutes to begin heating your home, it means the ignition process is consistently failing. Whether it is the first time you are using your furnace for the season or not and you notice this problem, the safest thing to do is schedule an inspection. 

Here are 4 tips to try if your furnace keeps turning on and off unexpectedly.

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Trouble 

 Keeping up a solid maintenance schedule can prolong the life of your furnace and keep you from paying a hefty repair fee down the road. This list will keep your furnace in good shape, from scheduled inspections to do-it-yourself maintenance. 

  1. Have a test day – Run your furnace on a slightly colder day in the fall. Note any issues and get them fixed before you genuinely need it.
  2. Clean the vents – debris and dust can clog your ducts during summer. Clean them out to reduce energy bills, ensure optimal airflow, and prevent allergens from circulating through your home.
  3. Change the filter – Clogged filters can raise energy bills, reduce airflow efficiency, and increase circulating dust and allergens. Filters should be changed out every 2 – 3 months. 
  4. Set and upgrade your thermostat – remember to set your thermostat correctly for the winter months to increase efficiency and decrease energy bills. If you can, install a smart thermostat to program in a schedule.  
  5. Schedule your annual HVAC checkup – A regular service appointment will keep any potential problems from getting out of hand. A yearly service check-up will ensure your furnace is ready for a nice and toasty winter even years down the road.  

Signs That Something Is Wrong

Sometimes heating and furnace problems arise even if you follow all the above steps. Schedule a furnace maintenance appointment immediately if you notice any of the following signs. 

  1. Odd sounds like banging or popping
  2. Irregular flames
  3. Short cycling (when the furnace runs for 3 minutes or less and then shuts off)
  4. Unevenly distributed heat 
  5. Cool air instead of hot is coming out of the vents
  6. Taking longer than 5 minutes to begin heating

Schedule an Inspection

Don’t wait to schedule your annual inspection. At Service Tech, Inc, we are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We have all your regular maintenance and emergency service needs covered. In addition to regular checkups, we provide detailed duct cleaning. We care for the entire ventilation system, including the air conditioning unit, blower, evaporator, coil, and other accessible components. Contact us for all your HVAC Repairs in Birmingham.

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