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How to determine what commercial HVAC system to install

Published: February 24, 2020

In Birmingham, if you’re operating a business you rely on your building’s air conditioning system, especially during those scorching summer months. The last thing you want is for it to break down in early August when temperatures are in the three-digit range for weeks at a time. And not to mention, your friend in Pelham, Al is experiencing the same issue with their air conditioner. Give Service Tech, Inc. a call to assist with all of your HVAC needs. Whether your business is located in Brook Highlands, Greystone, Homewood, or Vestavia Hills, Al our contractors specialize in commercial HVAC installs.

Perhaps, last summer you noticed that the premises weren’t as cool as they should be, making your employees and customers uncomfortable and increasing your overhead. Or maybe you’re moving operations into a brand new facility and it’s time to put in a commercial HVAC air conditioner system. In either case, Service Tech, Inc. will help you conquer the financial and performance-related advantages when your system is customized to meet your climate control needs.
The equipment or ac unit you install has to be the right size for your commercial space.

If the system you select is too small, it will have to be run continuously to keep the premises cool, which will raise your energy costs and even incur repair charges if it breaks down under the strain. On the other hand, if it’s too large, the building will cool too quickly and speed up the on and off cycle, making it impossible to dehumidify the air sufficiently. With our comprehensive quote, Service Tech, Inc. will evaluate the dimensions of your required unit and more importantly the correct size.

To determine the correct size, our professional team will consider factors such as:

  • Building size
  • The building’s layout and thermal characteristics
  • Your personal comfort preferences

We certainly know that making the decision to install a new unit isn’t the easiest thing on your day to day to-do list. That’s why we offer the comprehensive free quote. Give us a call and we’ll be on the way. Your dependable HVAC contractor, graciously serving the greater Birmingham community for the past 30 years, Service Tech, Inc. is here for you!

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