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How To Shop For A Trane AC Unit

Published: February 16, 2023

Maintaining a cool and pleasant atmosphere in your home during hot Alabama weather by utilizing air conditioning systems is crucial. Trane systems are highly effective at cooling homes and provide much-needed relief in the peak of the Alabama summer.

When shopping for air conditioning systems, consider the following factors: energy efficiency, cost, noise level, and cooling stages. It is also good to consider who is installing the unit. For all your AC repairs in Birmingham and AC installations, contact Service Tech! 

How To Shop For A Trane AC Unit

When shopping for a Trane AC Unit, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. You will want to determine the appropriate size for your home based on square footage, insulation, and other factors. Consider the SEER rating, which indicates energy efficiency and can affect long-term operating costs. Choose the appropriate type of system based on your needs, such as a central air conditioner, ductless mini-split system, or heat pump. Look for additional features such as variable speed motors or two-stage compressors, which can enhance comfort and efficiency.

Service Tech in Birmingham, AL is an authorized Trane dealer and has experience installing and maintaining Trane products. Take advantage of our financing options and promotions that may be available to help make the purchase more affordable.

Types Of Trane Air Conditioners

Trane offers a variety of air conditioning systems for residential use. Some of the different types of Trane air conditioning systems include:

  1. Split system air conditioners: These air conditioning systems have an outdoor unit that contains the compressor and an indoor unit that contains the evaporator. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate homes of different sizes.
  2. Packaged air conditioners: These air conditioning systems are self-contained units that are installed outside the home, often on the roof. They are ideal for homes that do not have a lot of indoor space for equipment.
  3. Ductless air conditioners: Also known as mini-split air conditioners, these systems do not require ductwork to distribute cool air throughout the home. They are ideal for homes that do not have existing ductwork or where adding ductwork would be difficult or expensive.
  4. Portable air conditioners: These air conditioning systems are mobile units that can be moved from room to room as needed. They are ideal for use in homes where a permanent air conditioning system is not an option, such as apartments or rented homes.

Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

Achieve optimal temperature control in your home with variable-speed air conditioner systems. These systems allow you to adjust the fan to any desired speed, ensuring maximum comfort while also conserving energy and increasing efficiency.

Two-Speed Air Conditioners

You can select from two distinct cooling speeds with a two-stage air conditioning system. The “low” setting is ideal for everyday cooling needs, providing relief from the summer heat. However, on particularly hot days when you desire a more intense burst of cold air, simply switch the unit’s fan to “high.”

Single-Speed Air Conditioners

Single-stage AC systems provide powerful cooling to your entire home. The fan in your air conditioner turns on when your home’s temperature rises a degree or two and automatically cools your living space back down to your comfort level.

How Much Can You Save By Upgrading Your AC Unit

You can reduce your monthly energy expenses by upgrading to an air conditioning system with a higher SEER rating. This not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to the protection of the environment for generations to come by reducing energy consumption. Many energy-efficient models may qualify for rebates or tax incentives, further offsetting the initial investment.

Upgrading To Trane With Service Tech

Looking to replace your outdated heating and air conditioning system? Trane is one of the most recognized names in the heating and air conditioning industry and Service Tech is one of the most recognized Trane dealers in Alabama. We have been serving all of the Greater Birmingham area and Jefferson and Shelby counties for over 30 years.

No need to wait!  Our trained HVAC experts can guide you through your new system installation and make sure everything is working properly. We guarantee our services, too! If you’re looking for AC replacement options Contact us to schedule a time that works best for you.

If you are experiencing an emergency HVAC situation, we offer 24/7 service. 

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