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Meet Our Team: Randall Lamberson, Lead Technician

Published: May 30, 2021

Service Tech has been a family-owned and operated company for over 30 years. One of the employees that keep the business running is Randall Lamberson, who has been on the team for nearly 15 years. Randall lives in Birmingham and is a lover of the outdoors. His current title is Lead Technician.

Career in Heating & Cooling

Randall joined the Service Tech team in 2007 because he wanted to learn the ins and outs of heating and cooling, and he also wanted to expand his knowledge.

As the lead technician, it’s Randall’s job to be a leader for other technicians at Service Tech. He also contributes to the day-to-day services for Service Tech’s clients, such as the installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. He ensures clients receive top-notch service and quality.

On one hand, the job can be chaotic. But on the other hand, Randall loves that he gets to do something new every day. He’s learned lots of new things since day one at Service Tech, and each new day brings a new experience.

“I’ve come a long way from being on the install team and just slowly getting into more technical stuff,” he said. “I learn something new every single day. Every day there is something different.”

A True Outdoorsman

Randall was born and raised in Birmingham and considers himself a lover of the outdoors. His favorite thing is to be in the woods and by the water.

Many people don’t know this about Randall, but he enjoys keeping up with current events around the world. Another fun fact is that if he could choose any superpower, he would choose the ability to fly.

If Randall came with a warning label, it would say “Stand back.” 

Like any other Alabama native, Randall has a favorite football team. If you see him out and about, make sure to give him a “Roll Tide!”

Working at Service Tech

For those looking to get into the heating and cooling industry, Randall says to watch and try to learn everything you can.

“Watch what everyone else does,” he said. “You just have to be patient and try to pick up and learn everything you can.”

Since the job can feel chaotic, it takes a well-organized leader to have Randall’s role. But with Randall’s passion to expand his knowledge and gain experience in HVAC, he’s come a long way since he first started at Service Tech in 2007. Since Randall gets to have different experiences every day, he’s always learning new things and growing his expertise in the field of heating and cooling.

Service Tech has been family-owned and operated in the Birmingham area for more than 30 years, offering services in heating and cooling repair and installation. The team at Service Tech offers 24-hour emergency service and is highly trained and insured to work on heating and cooling systems. They are committed to keeping you comfortable in your home or business. 

For more information, visit ServiceTechHVAC.com. 

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