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Meet Our Team: Robert Gilmore, Technician and Installations

Published: June 6, 2022

At Service Tech, our employees are some of our greatest assets. Check out Service Tech’s latest employee spotlight on team member Robert Gilmore. 

Meet Our Team: Service Tech’s Robert Gilmore

At Service Tech, we believe that our greatest assets are our employees, and Robert Gilmore could be one of our best examples. A Winston County native, Robert’s been an outstanding member of the Service Tech family for over 19 years. In that time, he’s learned practically everything there is to know about heating and air, saying, “There’s nothing I haven’t gotten to do before, because at Service Tech we’re always doing new jobs, and learning new things.” 

Heating and Cooling Expert

Robert came to Service Tech over 19 years ago, after a work-related injury had him seeking a safer line of work to make a living. Since that time, he’s faced (and overcome) almost every obstacle thrown his way, “ Everything anybody’s ever thrown at me, I’ve been able to handle,” Robert said.

From service work to installs, no two jobs are alike, but Robert makes it clear that the main objective is always serving customers, helping them, and putting them first. His nearly two decades of HVAC knowledge and good old-fashioned hard work make Robert an invaluable member of the Service Tech team, and he offers his expertise and a helping hand to every customer he encounters.

Throughout his tenure at Service Tech, Robert has become highly respected, and built strong bonds with his team members, saying, “ Everybody’s cool. There’s plenty of guys that you can rely on to call when you don’t have any thought of what to do.” 

Family Life

While the typical job sites usually require strict focus and poise, Robert maintains a calm and laid-back demeanor at home. Living within the Bankhead National Forest, Robert is a devout husband and proud father of two. Growing up, and now living in Bankhead, he enjoys venturing out into Sipsey Wilderness. Whether hiking, riding four-wheelers, or the occasional hunt, one of Robert’s favorite pastimes is enjoying the great outdoors.

Robert describes himself as being extremely honest, and said that if he came with a warning label, it would read, “Caution: will tell the truth.” Robert also prides himself on his ability to remain cool-headed under stressful situations saying that, “it doesn’t matter what they throw at me, I’m going to be calm.” When asked what superpower he would have if he could choose, Robert said that he’d choose the ability to heat or cool any space at any time.

The Service Tech Pros

For anyone considering a career at Service Tech, Robert says, “ this is definitely a place where you’ll learn something…and you’ll definitely have the best guys around to work with compared to anywhere else.”

Family-owned and operated, Service Tech has been serving the Birmingham area for over 30 years, and with experienced service and install pros like Robert Gilmore, we’ve seen almost everything when it comes to HVAC service and repair. We offer 24-hour customer assistance, and we’re committed to providing a comfortable space for any home or business. 

For more information, please visit ServiceTechHVAC.com.

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