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Noisy Air Ducts? – It’s NOT the Holy Ghost

Published: January 21, 2021

Noisy Air Ducts? – It’s NOT the Holy Ghost!

Though it is common to hear some noise coming from your air vents from time to time, it should be rare and quiet. However, you should not hear loud popping, rattling, or other high-pitched or loud sounds on a consistent basis.

One cause of this is an increase in pressure. The increase in pressure could be caused by restricted airflow somewhere else in your HVAC system. Sometimes this pressure can cause the duct walls to move in and out, causing an annoying rumbling sound. Keep reading for tips on how to find and resolve your noisy air ducts.

Debris in Ducts

You may hear a rattling sound in your church’s air ducts. This is likely caused by debris. Debris can be anything from nails and construction material to plastic or toys. If so, finding out how the debris made its way into your ducts may be harder than actually solving the problem. If you have an issue getting to the debris, contact your Service Tech technician to have your ducts professionally cleaned.

Dirty Air Filter in Churches

A common culprit with HVAC issues is a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter is the simple cause of a lot of HVAC issues that can easily be remedied by remembering to replace your filter very 3 months or so with a quality HEPA filter. A clogged filter can make your system noisy by blocking the flow of air. Check that your filter doesn’t contain a lot of buildup, and make it a habit to replace it regularly.

Closed Dampers

Another common cause of noisy ducts is closed duct dampers. If your ducts have dampers and they accidentally get closed, the airflow through your ducts can be restricted, resulting in noise.

Sagging Ducts

If your ducts are bent or sag, then chances are they were improperly installed. Improperly installed ducts make it harder for air to flow through, causing bad air flow and a build up in pressure. This build up can result in a lot of unnecessary noise.

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Church Duct Noise Prevention

You can prevent noisy air ducts from occurring in your church. Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is a great way to make sure your system is running at its best, and prevent any costly damage down the road.

If you cannot pinpoint the cause of your noisy air ducts, reach out to your Service Tech, Inc. technician for an inspection. Service Tech, Inc is available for all of your HVAC maintenance needs. Our family owned and operated company has over 30 years of experience in the Birmingham area for providing the highest quality HVAC service, integrity, and complete customer satisfaction.

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