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How Professional HVAC Maintenance Improves Energy Efficiency

Published: December 14, 2020

Did you know that regular professional HVAC maintenance can reduce your energy costs by nearly 50 percent? In your home, the HVAC has the most impact on the energy consumption and energy efficiency of your household. Regular maintenance will keep it running smoothly and your home at your preferred temperature, while improving energy efficiency and lowering costs.

Alabama Summer and Winter HVAC Extremes

Because of its frequent use in the summer and winter months, your system should be serviced twice a year. The average HVAC system has over 100 parts and therefore countless causes for sub-par performance. Just like your vehicle, your HVAC requires maintenance and tune-ups to perform at its best. Though an unusual sound or spotty airflow could cause you to sense that something is off, you may not be able to put your finger on it or know how to fix it yourself. Professional HVAC maintenance will remove the guesswork, extend the life of your equipment, and lower the possibility of expensive problems down the road.

Poor indoor air quality is a common indicator of an HVAC issue. A dirty HVAC can cause stronger reactions to common allergies and even trigger respiratory issues. Buildup throughout the heavy-use summer and winter months forces your system to work overtime, pumping out pollen, pet dander and sometimes even mold. The health of your HVAC affects the health of those in your household, and regular maintenance will help you breathe easy with fresher, cleaner air.

Air Filter Changes in Birmingham, AL

A dirty air filter can also result in a layer of buildup that will drastically reduce your system’s energy efficiency and may even lead to system failure. How often do you replace your air filter? If your filter is dark, dusty and covered with dirt each time you remember to replace it, the answer is not often enough. A clean, fresh air filter is crucial in the months when your HVAC experiences heavy use. Your air filter should last about three months, but some may need more frequent changing. A dirty air filter not only reduces air quality, but it also slows down air flow, forcing your system to work harder. The harder your system works to keep your home at your preferred temperature, the more energy is wasted and the higher your cost.

If you have waited too long to replace your air filter, your ducts may need to be professionally cleaned. Debris can collect in ducts, blowers, moving parts, and other areas of your HVAC system. Like a dirty air filter, a dirty coil reduces efficiency. Dust on coils blocks airflow and its ability to reach the cooling metal. These areas are often out of sight and cleaning them regularly will improve the performance for your HVAC.

Professional HVAC maintenance can spot other potential problems before they become majorly expensive. Without regular maintenance, your HVAC may have leaks, corrosion or a blockage and will require you to purchase expensive replacement parts or even an entire new system if not caught early on. Preventative measures save you money while keeping your HVAC system as efficient as it can be.

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