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Why Does My Air Conditioning Unit Keep Freezing Up?

Published: July 24, 2023

Are you feeling the chill of your AC unexpectedly freezing up? Even in a scorching summer, it can be a huge shock to discover an all-out sheet of ice covering your outside air conditioner. And usually, this icy mess is certainly a sign that something is very wrong!

Why Does My Air Conditioning Unit Keep Freezing Up?

Are you feeling the chill of your AC unexpectedly freezing up? Even in a scorching summer, it can be a huge shock to discover an all-out sheet of ice covering your outside air conditioner. And usually, this icy mess is certainly a sign that something is very wrong!
Birmingham can have pretty extreme weather, and the last thing you need is your AC to be on the fritz!
Imagine this: Your AC unit decides to sputter out on the hottest day of the year. Believe it or not, this is actually quite a common occurrence. Knowing the real root of the issue is key, so buckle up in case more than just a few tweaks are needed! While we may give you some methods to troubleshoot an AC malfunction on your own, some issues require a professional touch. AC unit repair in Birmingham is available. Let’s get into it!

Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit Keeps Freezing Up

Blocked Air Flow

Keeping your air conditioner clean and well-tuned is essential for maintaining a steady flow of air, so you can avoid issues such as humidity buildup on the coils freezing. To keep things ticking along, it’s important to check that your air filters are not blocked up with dust or other debris, which could be impeding the airflow throughout your house. Air filters don’t cost too much and should be replaced regularly, but doing so may also increase efficiency by 5%–15%, according to the US Department of Energy. So take preventative measures now before problems arise—you’ll thank yourself later!

It seems you’ve got an airflow issue that needs to be sorted out ASAP. So, the first step is to power it down before beginning the defrosting process.
While you’re at it, make sure to change out the filter because, trust us, this isn’t something you’ll want to put off! Still in need of further information on when and how often air filters should be switched? Check out our services.

Once finished, switch that AC back on again and give it some time. Everything ought to run nicely again.

Mechanical Issue

The inner workings of an air conditioner can sometimes be a double-edged sword. From refrigerant lines becoming too kinked for comfort to fans slowing down or grinding to a halt, these moving parts are susceptible to all sorts of breakdowns and hiccups, and when they do, it can cause the pressure inside your device to plummet like a rock. When this happens at extreme temperatures, it’s not good news—the coolant starts expanding beyond its safe range until, pretty soon, you have yourself one seriously frozen-up machine!
When it comes to getting your hands dirty with leak fixes and other pesky mechanical issues, you’re best off handing the reins over to a pro.
Calling up Service Tech can be a decision that will keep your air conditioner running like a charm. A skilled professional can quickly identify any potential failures or leaks and have them fixed in no time! Additionally, expert maintenance performed on a regular basis is essential for preventing serious breakdowns in the future.

Low Temperature During Summer

When the temperatures start to drop during summer evenings, it can easily put air conditioners out of whack. They’re tuned to function at their most optimal levels for maximum efficiency, but anything beyond that range can mean a big headache!

Looking to freshen up your air conditioner? Learn more about swapping out the filter below—it’s easier than you think! With a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to cleaner air circulating in no time. So take some deep breaths and follow along for an easy fix that will have things running smoothly again soon.

With a programmed thermostat, you can avoid spending money on cooling your house for no reason. It will automatically shut off when the temperature starts going below 60°F, which is always something to keep an eye on at night!

No programmable thermometer? Then it’s worth monitoring those temperatures to make sure they don’t dip too low. That way, if conditions allow for it, you can turn off your AC and let Mother Nature take care of regulating the air in your home—saving you some cash in the process!

How to Prevent a Frozen Air Conditioning System

It’s essential to grasp that this freezing-up issue is something that can be avoided. To keep your HVAC system cool, here are a few tips that’ll help you out. Check out more on what to do if your HVAC unit is frozen.

Change Your Air Filter

It’s time to get your ventilation system up and running again; why not ‘tweak’ the filter while you’re at it? This would be a wise choice, as giving your ventilation system an extra level of protection can help it run more efficiently. By transforming the air that flows through into something fresher, making a switch like this helps ensure that no sooner than later, everyone in your home will be able to breathe easier. You’ll thank yourself for taking that little bit of time now. Trust us! When your AC unit is acting up, don’t forget about the air filter; clogged ones are usually to blame for freezing. By trapping all the yucky stuff like dust, pollen, and grime as it pumps fresh air into your house during those sweltering summer days, the filter can cause major ventilation issues if not changed regularly. So keep an eye on that thing at least every month—most people just do it once every three months—and make sure you adjust accordingly.

Airflow Inspection

Take a good look at your AC system’s airflow. After all, it could mean the difference between awe-inspiring comfort and frustration in your home. Make sure to give everything a thorough inspection—from the filters to the vents—so you can enjoy fresh air like a breath of spring! Chances are there’s been a block in airflow preventing coolant coils from doing their job. Vent returns and registers clogged with gunk can choke off normal airflow too. When the conditioned air has nowhere to go, your AC works overtime, trying its best to keep you comfy. But ultimately, it all comes down to blocked airflow as the root cause of your frosty surprise.

Have a Look at Weather Forecasts

With summer nearing its end, it’s time to start thinking about those balmy evenings and how to best keep your air conditioner from overworking. Nobody wants the nasty surprise of icy AC units, so when the temperature begins to dip outside, it’s smart to switch off your A/C as a precautionary measure. To make these cooler periods simpler, installing an ambient temperature regulator could be useful in keeping heat pumps out of commission during the fall and winter months.

Contact Service Tech

What a pain it is when the air conditioner in your home locks up! But here’s some hope: with regular upkeep and tune-ups, you may just breeze past the issues that cause an AC to freeze up. Clogged filters, leaks, and other mechanical breakdowns can be easily avoided if you have frequent tune-ups done. To top it off, what better way to save money on energy bills and increase the lifespan of your cooling system than by calling upon an experienced AC specialist? Check out our services!

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