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Why Should Your HVAC Unit Be Properly Ventilated

Published: November 5, 2020

The air processing systems installed inside a central heating and air unit play a critical role in keeping the residents, staff members, and customers of such locations comfortable and safe. A sometimes overlooked but important part of optimal air system function is proper ventilation.

At Service Tech, Inc., we provide heating and air conditioning services to the people of Birmingham and surrounding cities in central Alabama. We want to help you learn why ventilation is critical to your residential HVAC or commercial HVAC system and the actions home and business owners can take to ensure everything’s functioning properly.

HVAC System Overview

HVAC is short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The hot or cool air pumped into the interior of a dwelling or office setting is processed and transported through mechanical apparatuses comprising an intricate system housed within the service panels of your HVAC unit. The typical central AC unit or heat pump attaches to a transportation network called ductwork, which transports air into the residence or office building through vents.

The Reasons Proper Ventilation Is Necessary

Properly ventilated structures enjoy a smooth and steady flow of clean and fresh air. Poor ventilation can result in stale or unhealthy air that accumulates increasing concentrations of potentially harmful dust and allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and microbial pathogens. These air contaminants may contribute to respiratory illnesses or other serious health conditions.

Moreover, improperly ventilated areas might witness excessive moisture. Damp, humid air becomes trapped, which often fosters an environment for the development of hazardous substances like mold and mildew. These materials are capable of producing unsightly and expensive property damage, in addition to potentially significant medical concerns.

HVAC System Maintenance Tips

Fortunately, home or building owners can employ several ventilation-promoting measures geared towards improving indoor air quality, including:

Opening Windows And Doors:

Of course you’ll be reluctant to turn off your HVAC unit during exceptionally cool or warm periods. However, it’s okay to let in some fresh air on a cool Spring or Autumn morning from time to time. 

Using Exhaust Fans:

These apparatuses are typically found in locations, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Homeowners are encouraged to run these devices when generating smoke or moisture, including while cooking and during showers. Exhaust fans quickly circulate and filter potentially harmful occurrences, like smoke and humidity.

Keeping Vents Open And Unobstructed:

Your central HVAC unit’s vents bring warming or cooling air into the building from the duct system. These openings should be kept open at all times and should never be blocked by objects, such as boxes, furniture, or any other items. Unsuitably maintained vents produce stale air and might also place additional strain on your HVAC unit’s compressor, which might result in increased energy costs and the likelihood of equipment failure.

Contacting Us

Service Tech, Inc. looks forward to serving your residential HVAC and commercial HVAC needs. For questions or concerns about ventilation, or other HVAC issues or to learn more about our company, please visit https://servicetechhvac.com/


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