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How Much Does A Commercial HVAC Unit Cost? 

Published: September 14, 2023

For those who own a commercial building or manage one, the HVAC system is important to maintaining comfort and repairs can really affect your bottom line. A quality commercial HVAC system is inviting for customers and maintains a comfortable environment for your employees. Be sure to stay on top of commercial HVAC maintenance so you don’t have a costly replacement. 

How Much Does A Commercial HVAC Unit Cost? 

Depending on which type of business you are running or is running out of your building, having properly maintained heating and air can be crucial to daily operations. Repairs and replacements are inevitable, but exactly how much will they cost? Keep reading to learn more about estimated costs with Service Tech HVAC

What Factors Affect Commercial HVAC Costs?

There are several different factors that can determine how much you will end up paying for commercial HVAC repairs or replacements. These can include:

  • Which brand you are using 
  • What type of unit you are having repaired 
  • The size of the building and how tall the ceilings are 
  • What type of business or activity is taking place in the building 
  • Labor costs can vary depending on the provider 

We’ll explore these factors in detail below. 

The Brand of HVAC Unit Affects Costs

Certain HVAC companies will only partner with specific brands and manufacturers. Because the equipment is so different in commercial buildings than residential ones, many companies partner with only a select few brands to ensure the quality, warranty coverage and energy efficiency are all great. 

The Type of Commercial HVAC Unit can Impact Price

Depending on what your building looks like, you can need a different type of unit. Is the building similar to a residential home? Or is your building an apartment building with the need for several individual units? A professionally trained commercial HVAC technician can properly advise you on which type of unit you need and talk through your options. 

Variable Air Volume Systems, or VAV systems are similar to energy-efficient units you may have at home. They adjust the airflow based on the current temperature of the room. They are responsive and can make minor adjustments based on variable-speed motors. They are extremely energy efficient.

Constant Air Volume Systems, or CAV systems are common in commercial settings. They are often best for small commercial buildings with few rooms to heat and cool. They cost less initially but are less energy-efficient, meaning the monthly cost may be a bit higher as the system works harder. 

Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, or VRV systems use a system of pipes that allows coolant to circulate. Commercial properties use these types of systems to heat and cool individual rooms, like offices, as needed.

Labor Costs Vary Greatly

Installation and the degree of difficulty can greatly impact your labor costs. Will special permits have to be pulled to complete your project? How old is the building? Is it historical? If the building is a high-rise, will the units be on the roof, and will that require cranes and other equipment? All of this can greatly impact how much you will pay.

Commercial Building Size is the Biggest Factor Affecting Costs

A properly trained commercial HVAC technician will calculate the size of the space you need to heat and cool before making any product or brand recommendations. If the new unit is too big for the space, the air will cycle too quickly, causing it to start and stop before properly cooling the room. The constant cycling makes the unit prone to stress and wear and tear. If the unit is too small, the unit will constantly run and make your energy bills very high. 

Determine cooling needs by taking the building’s square footage by 500. Multiply that number by 12,000 to estimate how many BTUs the air conditioner should move. 

Type of Business or Activity Can Affect HVAC Costs

An office with lots of people working daily can require more BTUs just for the amount of people in and out every day. Server rooms or rooms with lots of computer equipment can require their own units and control panels. A customized plan is important in determining which kind of unit you will need. 

You Can Depend on Service Tech HVAC for Your Commercial HVAC Needs

Whether you need a personalized plan for a new commercial building or maintenance on your current unit, the professionals at Service Tech HVAC are standing by and ready to help. Contact us today to book your commercial HVAC service appointment today. 

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