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How Often Should Commercial Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced

Published: August 14, 2023

To ensure the optimal performance of your air conditioning unit, regular service appointments are crucial. Neglecting maintenance can lead to sudden and severe issues with your unit. Understanding the importance of servicing your unit and determining the appropriate frequency for such appointments is key to keeping your AC running smoothly and avoiding unexpected breakdowns.

How Often Should Commercial Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced

Everyone wants their workplace to be conducive to productivity and sustain a healthy environment. Regular maintenance for HVAC units is an essential part of this equation. While this is a simple concept, the term “regular” could be confusing. How often is “regular?” The simple answer is that it depends. Several factors should be considered when coming up with a proper service schedule. Learn more about how commercial HVAC systems work and what to consider when scheduling regular maintenance.

5 Questions to Consider

There are at least 5 questions to consider when figuring out how often you should service your commercial HVAC unit. Here are the questions to ask:

  1. How old is the equipment? Newer HVAC units will require less intensive maintenance while older units need more care. The bare minimum is to service the unit in the fall and spring, but some units may require more appointments. It may also be worth checking the cost of a new HVAC unit and if that would be the better option.
  2. What cooling and heating demands does it face? If your building is not insulated well, has a large number of people, experiences fluctuations in outdoor temperatures, and the unit is used most hours of the day, then it will be a good idea to provide maintenance on it more than twice a year.
  3. What is included in the building lease requirements? Some landlords require HVAC equipment to be serviced annually, bi-annually, or quarterly. These requirements help keep the building in good shape. Check your lease agreement and make sure you adhere to these requirements to avoid any penalties or possibly voiding your lease.
  4. What type of HVAC equipment is it? There are four kinds of HVACs: split systems, hybrid split systems, duct-free systems, and packaged systems. Some of these types have components outside. This makes them more vulnerable to weather so they will need more frequent care.
  5. How often do the filters need to be changed? If your building has a lot of foot traffic or produces dust, chemicals, and other particles, then the filters can get clogged very quickly. If your filters fill up quickly, then that’s a good sign that your unit needs to have preventative maintenance care more often as well.

Providing your HVAC unit with sufficient service will keep it functioning at a high level. This will reduce emergency repair costs and keep the air quality from decreasing.

What exactly goes into a maintenance visit?

Servicing your HVAC ensures that all its parts are in proper working order. The technician will look for worn-out belts, faulty parts, and other potential threats to the unit. They may notice that replacements and repairs are needed immediately to keep a bigger problem from occurring.
Depending on the state of the unit, the technician may provide proper cleaning of the interior system. A gunky and dirty interior can damage the unit and create problems down the road. A dirty filter can also cause problems. These commercial HVAC filters need changing regularly to keep filtering the air properly.

Your technician will also be able to let you know how efficient your energy habits are. If possible, they can provide suggestions for improving habits to ensure you get the most out of your unit and decrease energy bills.

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